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Arc Welding Processes Arc welding processes are based on fusion. Fusion requires closeness and cleanliness...

Welcome to the engineering services company that makes the difference

Engineering is the backbone of today’s world. It must be accurate and cost-effective to accelerate progress. As a renowned construction engineering company, SAGU Engineering knows this better than anyone else. We’ve been making our way in the industry for over 14 years, helping businesses incorporate building perfection as well as design flawlessness into their projects.

At SAGU Engineering, we specialise in machining, surface coating, automatic disinfection, welding and industrial construction services. Our aim is to save you the trouble of manufacturing top-notch structures and spending a great deal of money when doing so. By partnering with 5 Turkey-based factories, we are capable of delivering the best engineering solutions and unmatched quality in every single part of your project.

For us, no challenge is too tough to take on. The use of sophisticated engineering technologies, coupled with the total dedication of our team, allows us to serve the following industries:

  • petrochemical
  • maritime
  • mining
  • construction
  • manufacturing
  • waste management
  • and many more

The 4 pillars of our automated engineering services

The reason why businesses choose SAGU Engineering for their manufacturing needs is that they have confidence in our specialists and the way we work. But such a high level of trust hasn’t come out of thin air. We have established the reputation of being a leading engineering services company thanks to our commitment to 4 components:

  • Meticulous planning

What all our customers have in common is that they are satisfied. When working with SAGU Engineering, you are guaranteed to be provided with the most effective manufacturing solutions on the market. We are dedicated to planning your project down to the last detail for your peace of mind.

  • Superior quality

Your product will comply with the required technical specifications. By working with reputable industrial equipment suppliers and using the latest QC methods, we ensure that even minor defects are not possible. Besides, we carry out many tests during every production phase.

  • Cost-effectiveness

SAGU Engineering puts a premium on sticking to your budget without compromising on quality. All raw materials are selected, and all production operations are conducted with your financial needs in mind. Here you will never face high manufacturing costs.

  • Prompt delivery

Your project deadline is as crucial as its budget. That is why we always deliver our engineering solutions at the agreed-upon time. Whether you order an automatic plating machine or some disinfection system, rest assured that it will arrive right when you expect it.

It all starts with a quote

Before launching your project with SAGU Engineering, let us make everything clear for you. Be sure to call or drop us a line to discuss all the ins and outs and get a no-obligation quote. We will also be delighted to offer industrial engineering consulting services for you if needed. Either way, the first thing to do is get in touch with our team.

Being provided with top-quality engineering solutions is easier than you think. Let SAGU Engineering prove that to you!