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Benefit from extra equipment protection with our surface treatment systems

Whether you need to improve wear resistance of your industrial equipment, prevent galling or protect it from corrosion, it is coatings that will hit the spot. And SAGU Engineering is always there to provide you with the best of them. We adopt an individual approach to every project and pack it with first-rate services to cater to your needs. This is what makes us one of the most trustworthy surface coating equipment manufacturers in Turkey.

We know how to skyrocket the production efficiency of your plant and increase your equipment service life. SAGU Engineering is up for everything from designing to installing top-notch surface treatment machines, automatic lines, plating systems, etc. Thanks to our solutions, your equipment can be thermally insulated and get better performance in not only mechanical but also chemical resistance.

It’s not only surface treatments for equipment that you can entrust us with. We are also well-versed in refurbishment and repairs. If some of your machines are malfunctioning, turn to us to avoid splurging on OEM parts. Our engineers will expertly modify your equipment and make sure it will serve you for years to come.

Why are our automatic coating systems the best for your business?

Nowadays, the choice of powders and coating techniques is extending at a fast clip. At SAGU Engineering, we keep abreast of the newest trends to provide you with premium-quality services. With that in mind, our capabilities enable us to offer you the following coating and plating solutions:

  • zinc
  • hard chrome 
  • KTL
  • POP
  • nickel
  • tin plating 
  • phosphate
  • and the list goes on

Surface coating is standard practice for a range of applications. Although there are lots of companies that offer the service of this kind, SAGU Engineering is without equal for your business. By using top-of-the-range machines, we can provide coatings for composite platforms, switch mode rectifiers, centrifugal drying units, filter equipment, chemical dosing systems, etc.

SAGU Engineering surface treatment systems – Your beneficial price-quality ratio

Our customers have always been our main focus and the growing motivation to raise the bar in our production standards. But even though we’re one of the most sought-after surface coating equipment manufacturers, we never set ridiculous prices. With us, you can get the best for less.

The only thing left to do is get in touch with us, choose the right coating solution and rest easy knowing your facility will operate flawlessly for years!