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SAGU Engineering is the ideal partner for heavy and light construction work.

SAGU Engineering carries out the projects of the business partners in accordance with the specifications and contract requirements with its machinery park and professional staff. We offer a wide range of manufacturing services to meet the demands of our business partners.

SAGU Engineering uses the most modern technologies to realize our projects at the most appropriate cost. We plan, calculate and manage all stages of the project with our expert and competent staff.

SAGU Engineering carries out the whole process in welded manufacturing processes by expert welding engineers, third party approved welding methods and certified welders.

Realised welding processes at SAGU Engineering;

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding ( GMAW – 135)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding ( SMAW-111)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ( GTAW – 141)
  • Submerged Arc Welding (SAW – 121)

In accordance with EN 1090-2 CE Marking standard, our company carries out production according to AWS D1.1.

SAGU Engineering assures that resources are in compliance with specifications and standards by using advanced control procedures. The methods we use to check the quality of welding applications;

  • Visual Inspection
  • Magnetic Partile Test
  • Penetrant Test
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Radiographic Test

As SAGU Engineering industries that we serve;

  • Mining Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Maritime Industry
  • Crane Manufacturing
  • Steel Construction Manufacturing

Reach new business heights with our welding engineering services

As an established welding equipment manufacturer, SAGU Engineering doubles down on assisting you in light- and heavy-duty projects. Rest easy knowing that we are here not to cut corners. During the welding process, our qualified technicians comply with all the relevant standards to make our work synonymous with the utmost reliability. 

Effective cooperation and consummate technical skills underlie everything we’re engaged in. Our welding solutions will help you a lot if you’re involved in a metal fabrication business or provide any services for one. Plus, it will be a pleasure for SAGU Engineering to act as an independent partner to produce top-of-the-line and cost-effective structures for your own facility.

We deliver welding and engineering services to construction, marine, steel structure manufacturing and a myriad of other industries. And what we take on is carried out with the first-rate performance every time. How? Our mechanical examiners and inspectors stand by the highest QA level to take care of everything regardless of the project complexity.

Should your in-house welding or brazing procedures bring in loss of capacity, our team is at your disposal. Your staff will stay focused on their core activities, while we will do the rest. SAGU Engineering will take the stress out of your business by ensuring that all your welding processes run smoother!

What lies behind our fabrication and welding engineering services?

Our key industrial solutions are versatile enough to satisfy all your manufacturing demands. Have a look at what we specialise in:

  • gas and shielded metal arc welding
  • tungsten inert gas welding
  • submerged arc welding
  • and more for those who are in the market for other welding solutions

We work in compliance with the AWS Certified Welder programme, which is mandatory to perform as a welder. Besides, our technicians regularly run advanced test procedures to prevent possible failures in the design of welded structures. To get better insights into quality inspection stages at SAGU Engineering, check out the following non-destructive techniques we align with:

  • external examination
  • dye penetrant check
  • sound wave inspection
  • radiographic testing

Rely on the experts in industrial steel structures

Our well-versed team can deal with any intricate task that is thrown our way. With the welding engineering services that we provide, your upcoming project is in safe hands. The time is ripe to contact us to get started and let your business benefit from the game-changing welding processes with SAGU Engineering!