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Ensure adequate industrial sanitation and biosafety at food plants

SAGU Engineering is renowned as a leading company in carrying out turnkey projects for automatic sterilisation systems for a wide range of businesses. We’re committed to utilising state-of-the-art technologies and implementing them in sanitation procedures for both equipment and human disinfection. This is of paramount importance for entry areas to production sites, like dairy facilities and feed factories, to name a few. Here we take on the mission to help you ensure biosafety at farms and food processing plants.

Our work is driven by the innovation and integrity that we strive to incorporate every step of the way. We rely only on proven cleaning techniques when bringing in improved sanitation in processing plants, with pulverisation being the key one. Be sure that the intensity level of dispersed water is high enough to cleanse any surface to the hilt.

The list of our sanitation solutions comes down to:

  • human and vehicle disinfection systems
  • hygiene tunnels
  • disinfection modules for hands and feet
  • brush disinfection units
  • virus cleaning
  • cleaning
  • disinfection
  • human cleaning
  • personal cleaning
  • clean area
  • disinfected area
  • and more

Vehicle disinfection systems that will make your fleet free from unwanted guests

At SAGU Engineering, we go the extra mile to stand up to bacteria spreading in farming and food manufacturing. That’s why we have designed a variety of sterilisation systems that will help you get rid of undesired contaminants.

Imagine tons of germs clambering your trucks during product transportation. Fortunately, you can now make sure they won’t pass your entrance control. Our purpose-built drive-through hygiene corridors work like technologically advanced car washes offering total disinfection in as little as 45 seconds. They are perfect for large vehicles, and they do not let external factors affect your production.

Our skilful engineers take extra care of all stages of industrial sanitation. That means we also provide you with installation services for any disinfection setup. Your facility will only benefit from this process as it prevents messing up on mounting the systems and their malfunctioning. 

Do not overlook personal cleansing

Apart from the systems mentioned above, SAGU Engineering assists you in human disinfection procedures. All it takes for performing sterilisation is going through a turnstile that we will mount for your facility. It is based on the fogging method to detect a person and disperse a special liquid into a cloud within specified periods of time. The built-in temperature indicator prevents this unit from freezing and overheating.

Contact us to ask for recommendations on your disinfection routine and take maximum advantage of our services!